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Scope for my 300 win mag tac build

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Topic: Scope for my 300 win mag tac build
Posted By: Southernfryedyankee
Subject: Scope for my 300 win mag tac build
Date Posted: June/05/2009 at 19:06
Hello I am new to this site but not new to firearms. I hope that I can be a positive influence in this forum and that I can spread my knowledge learned here to others and spread my knowledge here that I have learned from others.
I am in the process of building a 300 win mag long range tac. I have a few scopes that I like and that I am fond of but I know there is more out there. All of my rifles currently sport Nikons as I have always had great luck with them, this current firearm though is special to me as I am building it from the ground up. I would like to be AFFORDABLE quality now so I dont have to sell to buy new later. I would like a scope that could get me to 1000yds from a 300yd zero. A few quick things, I am used to shooting a 7mag with a sporter barrel so a 300 win mag with a bull barrel I would imagine would equal out. I am NOT recoil shy as far as my 7mag is concerned at 100yds I put the bullets exactly where they belong. I understand that shooting long range takes practice and time and I am ALLLLLLLLL for that but like i said I want to make the right choice the first time as far as the optics go.
These are the scopes I have in mind
Nikon Monarch 5-20x44 (Dont know if it will have enough W+E to meet my needs)
Nikon Monarch 6-24x50 (Again dont know if it will have enough W+E to meet my needs)
Nikon Monarch X 4-16x50 (have the non tac version on my 7mag and LOVE it)
Vortex Viper 6.5-20x50 (I dont know much about Vortex)
Weaver Tactical 4-20x50 (I don't know much about weaver either and im not huge on the Mil-dot)
Leupold mark 4 6.5-20x50 or the 8.5-25x50 (I can customize but know I will be paying TOP DOLLAR, I also like the fact that if i customize I can choose my reticle)
These are the scopes I like and am interested in. I look forward to the replies I recieve (if any, haha) and I hope someone can point me in the most responsible direction possible.

Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: June/05/2009 at 19:41
If you are on a budget, get the Vortex Viper.  For the money, you will be hard pressed to find anything better.

If you do not like Mil-Dot, which reticle do you like/want?


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Posted By: Southernfryedyankee
Date Posted: June/05/2009 at 19:50
I like a regular duplex reticle. I do also like Vortex's dead hold BDC

Posted By: Urimaginaryfrnd
Date Posted: June/05/2009 at 21:07

Is this a target gun, a hunting gun, or a tactical gun that peoples lives depend on?  The answer is different depending on the use.  In all likelyhood if it is a police tactical gun there will be a very short list of acceptable scopes Heinsoldt, S&B, U.S.Optics, Nightforce, IOR, Leupold, Super Sniper.  Nobody knows optics better than Koshkin but I have not seen any Vortex scopes on the police sniper ranges and I dont expect to. The Super Sniper 10x is a tried and proven combat optic at an exceptional price.  It will soon be joined by a 3-9x42 version that we expect to see sometime this year.   One of the things you must consider regarding selection of a long range scope is how much internal adjustment it has.  That can be compensated to some degree by adding a plus 20 moa base. You did not mention what brand the reciever is or I would post the appropriate base. My personal opinion is that a scope capable of 10 power is adequate to get you to 1000 yds and that a scope capable of around 16 power can be desirable but what seems to happen with the         20 plus power scopes is the amount of internal adjustment of many of them is not adequate.  The brands I mentioned should all have enough internal adjustment but double check.   100 moa or more is desirable and even one with 60 moa with a plus 20 base would work.  Of the scopes you posted I have only one - the 8.5-25x50 Leupold Mk4 and it is more magnification than I would like so I suggest you go with something in the 4-16 range.   I cant second guess what Affordable means because that is different for everyone but I'd take a fixed 10x Super Sniper to a thousand yard gunfight any day. - SS10X42">SWFA SS 10x42 Tactical Riflescope                                                                                       SWFA SS 10x42 Tactical Riflescope
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  • Mil-Dot
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  • 1/4 MOA
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Posted By: Southernfryedyankee
Date Posted: June/05/2009 at 21:30
It will be a hunting/tactical. I like what you said about the 16 power. I may go for the Nikon Monarch X in the 4-16x50, like i said I have the non tac version and absolutely love it. The other thing is I have come VERY close to winning the Monarch 5-20x44 on ebay a few times for $100 less than the buy it now prices and if I can get a great deal on 1 of those I may shoot for it (no pun intended). The one I lose last night sold for $340.02 and that is a great price but they dont do it for the Monarch X unfortuneatly, the least expensive I have found it is $699 which is a great price compared to what others are selling it for

Posted By: redneckbmxer24
Date Posted: June/06/2009 at 23:31
Originally posted by Southernfryedyankee Southernfryedyankee wrote:

I like a regular duplex reticle. I do also like Vortex's dead hold BDC
ill second the recommendation for the viper, they are awesome scopes, but i advice staying away from the dead hold BDC. you will be dialing it, so that reticle wont mean crap to you, and it as with most BDC reticles are way too damn heavy for LR work, they are made with a hunting rifle in mind that will most likely be shooting at deer sixed game within 300 yards or so. a deer within 300 yards is a BIG target. the monarch X isnt a bad scope but stay away from those leupy's, they arent what they were just a few years ago, return rate and price have gone through the roof. our country is going through hard times and many americans are out of work and leupold pics a time like now to start having parts made in china. and china is a story in itself. good optics comes from japan, and the phillipines, but junk optics comes from china. they dont even manufacture enough parts here to write made in USA on the scope anymore. screw leupold, they are now just bareky exsisting on their old reputation. they dont care about the product they're selling, they care about cushioning their pockets, thats why the prices are going up and quality is going down.

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