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rotating scope 90 degrees?

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Topic: rotating scope 90 degrees?
Posted By: doubtful
Subject: rotating scope 90 degrees?
Date Posted: March/29/2009 at 09:16
I have problem with the ejected brass pinging the windage knob on my SS 10x42 scope.  Is there any reson I can't or shouldn't just rotate the scope 90 degrees counter clockwise, thus making the windage knob into the elevation knob and visa-versa?  I actualy like having the windage on the left side of the scope so I don't have to move my trigger hand to adjust it, and the range/focus gradutations are also visible from a prone position that way. 

Posted By: Dale Clifford
Date Posted: March/29/2009 at 10:07
sure, know a couple of guys that do that, but for different reasons, usually windage is easier doped with holdoff because it is continually changing.

Posted By: Rancid Coolaid
Date Posted: March/29/2009 at 11:32
Should work fine.  "Should."

Does the brass pinging the turret have any serious negative effects?

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Posted By: RONK
Date Posted: March/29/2009 at 12:55
 You can sometimes make very slight alterations to the ejector and/or ejector spring to control brass direction and force, depending on the firearm... 

Posted By: doubtful
Date Posted: March/29/2009 at 21:03
Thanks for the info.  The brass pinging leaves little dents and scratches on the knob, and I can't seem to get the scope to settle down (bullet groups walking across the target).  I'm hoping the problem is either the pinging and/or my cheap scope rings.  I've rotated the scope and put good rings on, as soon as it stops raining and the wind settles down a little I'll give it another try.  I've heard that tired ejector springs can lead to the pinging problem w/M14s, that was my next move if I couldn't rotate the scope.
Again, thanks for the help!

Posted By: Dave Wilson
Date Posted: March/29/2009 at 21:14
back in the day when i hunted quite a bit with a muzzleloader, i mounted my scope the way you describe. my reason was a little different than yours, i wanted more room to put the caps on and off the nipple of my inline. never had any problem, seemed to work just fine. just had to think a little when making changes.

Posted By: Urimaginaryfrnd
Date Posted: March/29/2009 at 21:43
I would tend to go to a higher set of rings.


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Posted By: RifleDude
Date Posted: March/29/2009 at 22:05
What rifle are you referring to, doubtful?


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Posted By: Mike McDonald
Date Posted: March/29/2009 at 22:31
 if you have an old spring in that -14 the brass will come out near vertical and be driven into the right side turret.
A new spring will put the brass out at about a 15 degree angle from horizontal.
If you have a problem, always go for the solution, not the work around.

Posted By: jonoMT
Date Posted: March/30/2009 at 14:57
doubtful, I've had good luck with Orion 7 springs for my M1. They sell M14 parts too: - ...although minimum credit card charge is $20.

Posted By: doubtful
Date Posted: March/31/2009 at 18:32
JonoMT--  thanks for the lead on the parts, I'll give it a try when I get a chance.  Mike McD--  you're right about the work-around, but that means I've got to get a bolt disassembly tool as well (which I know I should own anyway)... funding is always questionable....  until then, rotating the scope is free!  Urimag--  cheek weld is already a problem, until I can get a synthetic stock and build up a cheek piece (see comment above!).
But thanks all for the help and suggestions.

Posted By: Rancid Coolaid
Date Posted: April/01/2009 at 15:52
Cheek piece help:

I have one on a SOCOM and it works well.  Cheek weld on any scoped M1A is a pain, these help allot.

Freedom is something you take.
Respect is something you earn.
Equality is something you whine about not being given.

Posted By: doubtful
Date Posted: April/01/2009 at 17:59
CoolAid--  thanks for the link.  That may be the way I go, but I'll wait until I have a synthetic stock, I couldn't bring myself to drill holes in a pretty piece of walnut!  I've also seen projects built up with bondo or something similar, some nice looking results but not adjustable. 

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