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Leupold Cascades 8X42 Porro

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Topic: Leupold Cascades 8X42 Porro
Posted By: mwyates
Subject: Leupold Cascades 8X42 Porro
Date Posted: December/16/2008 at 19:56
I've been using the Leupold Cascades 8X42 Porros for about a week now.  I had a chance over the weekend to use them in all kinds of light, for a long period, a compare them to several others.  I took my pack to a blind loaded with the Cascades, Swaro El 8.5X42, Leupold Katmai 6X32, Leupold Yosemite 6X30, and Kahles 8X42.  MY disclaimer is that I've never really like the Kahles; I think you can get binoculars just as good for less money and a lot better for a little more.  In bright sunlight the Cascades were amazing; not quite as sharp as the Swaros, but I preferred them because of the 3D image (if you haven't used any decent porros in a while you've forgotten what you are missing).  The others were good, but not like the Cascade and Swaro.  Katmais were the best of the rest.  Near dark, the Swaros were superior, but the Cascades were still really good, and allowed me to see what I needed to past legal shooting time.  The Kahles were next, then Katmais.  8X seemed to offer a real advantage looking at a buck near dark.  Both the 6X were as sharp, but I couldn't tell if a 6pt had brow tines or not.  I could tell with all of the 8X that there weren't any.  The next day was very overcast and I found about the same results as I did in the late evening before.
Rankings: 1) Swaro 2) Cascades 3) Katmai 4) Kahles 5) Yosemite (I'd like to try the 8X Yosemites and see how they compare.
Bottom line: I think the Cascades are an amazing value.  They are not big or heavy, but they are bigger than I'd want for stalking or bowhunting, but for blind hunting or general use I'd highly recommend them, especially if you want to save $1500.00 (or buy a new rifle instead Wink)

No man on his deathbed ever said "I wish I'd made more money".

Posted By: armandiversace
Date Posted: April/04/2009 at 20:45
Leupold Cascades 8X42 Porro.
Just got mine out today. It's my first binocular's and I like. Nice neckstrap. I think it's the Butler Creek strap. I can see through the forest like x ray vision.  Yippee

Posted By: mwyates
Date Posted: April/05/2009 at 20:48
I've been using mine a lot since the original post and I am still impressed. 

No man on his deathbed ever said "I wish I'd made more money".

Posted By: John Barsness
Date Posted: April/05/2009 at 20:57

I have had a 10x42 Cascades for a couple of years now. Last year about this time my wife's brother came to visit for a while, and one of our trips was to Yellowstone Park to look at wildlife. We took along a Meopta spotting scope, the Leupold Cascades 10x42, an 8x42 Zeiss FL (new also) and my several-years-old Leica 8+12 Duovids.

We all used the 3 binoculars and found various animals at long range. I won't say the Cascades are as good as the Zeiss and Leica, but when any of us found an elk, bighorn sheep or wolf at any distance, the rest of us could see it too, regardless of the glass. And we all found animals with all three binoculars.

Porro prisms are still the best deal in glass-per-dollar. They might not be quite as tough in the long run, but good ones are sharp.

Posted By: armandiversace
Date Posted: April/07/2009 at 19:22
"Best deal for the dollar" is the reason I own the cascades. Thankyou for your reviews. I bought my first scope last year a Conquest and now I have my first Binoculars porro prizm Cascades. 

Posted By: BinoBoy
Date Posted: April/08/2009 at 17:40
I've also had a pair of Leupold Cascades 8x42 porros for about a week.  They have the most dramatic 3D effect and depth of field I've ever seen in an 8x42.  The field of view is a little narrow, but it is not a problem.  The Cascades porros have been discontinued now and are available at clearance prices.  I think they are a fantastic value for the money.  Build quality is superb.  Ergonomics are great too.  They have nice smooth internal focusing (waterproof porros tend to have stiff focus because of the o-rings used to waterproof them) and they don't force the "elbows out" position that porros are notorious for. 

Highly recommended!

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