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Need some advice on scope selection

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Topic: Need some advice on scope selection
Posted By: dirt1
Subject: Need some advice on scope selection
Date Posted: September/24/2008 at 19:00
I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I am trying to decide on a scope for my Ruger SRH in .480. Money is a little tight right now so I'm looking for something that won't break the bank, but is not complete junk. I will be using it mainly for whitetail hunting here in Wisconsin. I also don't plan on any shots over 50 or 75 yards. I have read a lot of posts on the Burris 2X20, but I have also read a couple that were very favorable for the Swift 2X20. Anybody on here have any first hand experience with the Swift? I had one for a while on my .17HMR and was happy with it except that I wanted something with finer cross hairs.
I'm pretty new to the scoped handgun game, and I'm not quite sure what I should be paying attention to in the specs of the different scopes. Thanks for any advice you might give.
Also would a 4 power be to much for my yardage?

Posted By: lucytuma
Date Posted: September/24/2008 at 20:59
A buddy and I have Rugers in 454 and 480, I mounted a 2x leupold and he mounted a bushnell trophy 2-6.  At first I gave him a hard time about the Bushnell, thicking that it would fail him, but so far its held up to about 200 rounds.  I believe this scope sells for under $200 and is available in silver or black.

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Posted By: Big Squeeze
Date Posted: September/25/2008 at 15:09
Check the eye relief specs on the Swift 2x20. Listed as only 9.8"...If so, not good for arm extended shots. 
When you look at the Burris or the Nikon 2x20`s eye relief specs, their eye relief lists a better EER range.
I`d definetly go with either the 2x20 Nikon or the 2x20 Burris on this one!!

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Posted By: Duce
Date Posted: October/05/2008 at 16:11
I have a Weaver 2.5 to 8 power mounted on a .223 simiauto pistol and it has held up good so far, I think it would be adequate for shots out to 100 or 150 yards. I have not tried had holding it above 4 power. It seems a good scope for the money so far and it is fully multicoated. -


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