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Weaver K4-1

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Topic: Weaver K4-1
Posted By: vbfd53
Subject: Weaver K4-1
Date Posted: August/07/2008 at 07:46
Can anyone tell me if the K4-1 I just got on a rifle is acting right, the question is should the windage and elevation  adjustments click when turned, these do not, but they also have no mention of 1 click equals 1/4 inch etc.... it says that it is a micro trac.. any info on this scope would be appreciated, it appears to be in excellent shape, and is nice and clear...

Posted By: Ed Connelly
Date Posted: August/07/2008 at 08:18
The Micro-Trac K4-1 should be clicking when you turn the dials.  The earlier generation of K4-1 ( non-Micro-Trac) was a friction movement.  It is possible for the "clickers" to come out of some of the earlier Weaver scopes.....I don't know about ones as late as yours....but, something is not right. 

Posted By: scubasteve
Date Posted: August/11/2008 at 22:21
Micro Tracs DO NOT click. That is why they are Micro Tracs.

ATF should be the name of a convience store, not afederal agency.

Posted By: vbfd53
Date Posted: August/12/2008 at 05:17
thanks for the reply,I kind of thought that because it did not ellude to 1 click to 1/4 inch,and only showed the bullet impact direction that it might not click. It seems to adjust fine in both directions.. I finally called a buddy who owns a gun shop in Alabama and he had and old weaver on a gun in his shop that did not click either,and he said that he had seen several old weavers that did not click..But in defense of the first post answer, I had called weaver and asked the question ,and after looking thru some old papers the girl said that it was supposed to click,but added they no longer had parts to fix the scope and that the people who were fixing them went out of business in may of this year.. Not knowing much about these scopes though , I kind of deduced that they did not click because of the term micro trac and it just feels like friction holds them in place.. nice clear scope though and I appreciate the reply's..

Posted By: Ed Connelly
Date Posted: August/12/2008 at 06:42
yep....I just tried my Micro-Trac...and it doesn't click....I hadn't moved it in years!!!   Whatever    I had it confused with another scope.   

Posted By: 300S&W
Date Posted: August/12/2008 at 09:14
       I've got 4 old Weavers. Two are finger adjustable and two are coin adjustable. The finger adjustables click the coin adjustables don't.
til later

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