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Monarc Gold strong enough?

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Topic: Monarc Gold strong enough?
Posted By: seawolf
Subject: Monarc Gold strong enough?
Date Posted: July/24/2008 at 03:37

I plan to put a Nikon Monarc Gold on my new Ruger Hawkeye in 375 Ruger.  Main reason is that this is the 1,5-6x42 with the good  4" of eye relief ( well I´m comfortable with the glass as well Smile)

Will it stand up to the beating of the 375 Ruger recoil?
Alternative is a Vari X III 2,5-8x36, but I don´t like the variable eye relief on the Leupold.
Othervise I know the Leupold is rock solid


Posted By: cyborg
Date Posted: July/24/2008 at 06:32
I don't think you will have a problem there.

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Posted By: jonbravado
Date Posted: July/24/2008 at 07:27
You shouldn't have any problem at all. Great glass and solid construction.
if it's available w/ a number 4 reticle - you'll really enjoy that config.

Posted By: seawolf
Date Posted: July/24/2008 at 07:40
Thanks for replay.
As this rifle will be used on bear and possibly DG in turn, I just like to make sure that there is no hidden hick ups.
The scope has been used on a 35 Whelen for a couple of years, and I really like it.
And has the #4 reticle Smile


Posted By: Kickboxer
Date Posted: July/24/2008 at 08:09
When I was looking to scope my 458 Lott, I phoned Nikon and talked to them about the Monarch Gold.  The person I spoke with said he did not know of any testing with the Lott, but that they had done extensive testing with 375 H&H (which is right in line with your 375 Ruger).  There should be no problem.

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