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Unertl’s - How popular now?

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Topic: Unertl’s - How popular now?
Posted By: ba_50
Subject: Unertl’s - How popular now?
Date Posted: December/02/2004 at 17:57



I was wondering how Unertl scopes were selling now days. I see a lot of them getting sold on Ebay. I'm also wondering how many are still being used for target and varmint shooting? A few are using them to shoot 4" or less groups at 1000 yards, probably with bridge mounts.

Posted By: redneckbmxer24
Date Posted: December/02/2004 at 19:11

whoch ones, unertl did supply the M40 for the USMC for awhile, and now USO is making them i think.



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Posted By: Chris Farris
Date Posted: December/04/2004 at 17:05

Unertl 10X Tactical


I don't think Unertl and U.S. Optics get along very well.  The below time line was copied and pasted from -


Unertl Optical Company, Inc., through it parent corporation at the time, filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against John Williams, U. S. Optics, Zeitz Optics, et al to prevent them from advertising unertl products for sale.


Unertl Optical Company, Inc. obtained a Permanent Injunction against U. S. Optics, John Williams and his various aliases, prohibiting them from, among other things, advertising using Unertl products and claiming that John Williams is a doctor.


Unertl Optical Company, Inc., through its parent corporation at the time, obtained a money Judgment against U. S. Optics, John Williams, et al.


CONGRATULATIONS to ArmaLite, Inc. and Mark Westrom on obtaining a judgment against John Williams, U.S. Optics, Inc., et al for $369,457.60

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Posted By: dilligaf
Date Posted: October/29/2005 at 21:18

I have a Unertl 10x on a retired .308. Used it and abused it for years, never gave me a problem.



Posted By: Chris Farris
Date Posted: October/31/2005 at 12:20
Unertl was replaced this year by Schmidt and Bender for the USMC contract.  I think the Unertl scopes are more of a collectors item today.

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Posted By: ba_50
Date Posted: October/31/2005 at 12:46



What scope S&B model did the USMC decide on? Is it a variable? Thanks. Bob

Posted By: Chris Farris
Date Posted: October/31/2005 at 13:36

3-12x50 34MM Tube, Gen 2 Mil Dot Reticle, Metric 2 Turn Knob, 1 centimeter clicks which equates to 1/10 mil.



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Posted By: M-100
Date Posted: June/05/2011 at 22:38
I think the gentleman was asking about actual "Unertl" Unertl scopes from when the family still owned the trademark. They are still valued highly and both collected and used.

Posted By: M-100
Date Posted: June/05/2011 at 22:41
Sorry! didn't notice the date until I had already posted.

Posted By: Rancid Coolaid
Date Posted: June/06/2011 at 09:55
Originally posted by M-100 M-100 wrote:

I think the gentleman was asking about actual "Unertl" Unertl scopes from when the family still owned the trademark. They are still valued highly and both collected and used.

To build M40A1 replicas, yes; as "best of the day" optics, no.

I used the Unertls back when they were issued, and it was a great scope - 20+ years ago.

And yea, these old threads get resurrected from time to time.  

Carry on.

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Posted By: boats
Date Posted: June/06/2011 at 14:45
I shoot traditonal Schuetzen Rifles and Unertl's are still in great demand as are external adjustment Lymans Feckers Winchester and Lyman A5's B5's and the rest.
Unertl will sell for more than the others mostly because of the demand created by Calos Hathcocks book and the sniper connection.  Old Lymans are just as good as a Unertl. Having said that my best external adjustment, one I use the most is a Unertl 12x target. Are they better than new scopes ? no but they are pretty good, better than all  but the best internal adjustments if precesion and repeatablity, not rugged waterprof is the test.
Tell you one thing they are instant sellers used.  I have sold a few, including a Unertl 54 mm 20x  spotter last week, guys hound you to sell the scope.  Last year posted a Unertl BV on the American Single Shot Rifle Assocation board and had half a dozen guys try to buy it that were not members. One got real angry when I would not sell at over asking price to put on some awfull looking long range pistol.  Was only selling to members to keep these nice old traditonal rifles shooting. Few dollars more made no difference to me.
You can go wrong on one though, Off Ebay sight unseen had trouble one time. Looked good but needed expensive repairs to put in good order. Kept it a few years and still sold for what I had in the scope price and repair.
Look at the Unertl 100 mm Team Spotter on Ebay now, 1700 dollars it's full of corrosion and has gone unsold for months now might not even be repairable. Eary spring somebody paid 3200 for a 100 MM team that was just right with all the correct parts box and all.  I should have bought it.


Posted By: stuhlschuter
Date Posted: January/28/2012 at 20:33
   I still have one of my 2inch unertl bench rest scopes .  I shot national competition far a number of years in the HV , HB , and unlimited class . I met John Unertl in the sixties at council cup range at wapwallopen pa . The range was owned by Robert Hart of Hart barrel fame .  I also still have a 6x24 B/L target scope I also used in competition . How good are they you ask I fired five ten shot targets at three hundred yards at mainville pa ,,,,,,,,,,,,, .4987 moa .   No bs its in the books.  Oh yeah they are good .

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Posted By: Bitterroot Bulls
Date Posted: January/28/2012 at 21:20
Welcome to the OT Stuhlschuter!


Posted By: stuhlschuter
Date Posted: January/28/2012 at 21:22
  Thank You ,,,, it was really good to find this forum .

accurate rifles and night hunter

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