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balky AO adjustment rings

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Topic: balky AO adjustment rings
Posted By: rogn
Subject: balky AO adjustment rings
Date Posted: February/24/2008 at 11:17
Ive got a few of the older Leupold scope with AO and ive noticed that on occasion it is dificult to rotate the ring, probably due to position at the bench and squeezing the ring down on the barrel of the scope. My question is --- is it acceptable to put a drop or two of lube on the ring junction? All but one of these are target scopes, the one in question is a Leupold/Thomas 32X conversion, so Id rather not have to return it to Leupold.

Posted By: 300S&W
Date Posted: February/24/2008 at 15:27
                              Just sent my 3.5-10x40AO Vari-Xlll back to Leupold  this past summer for the same problem(first time in 20+yrs). Got it back within two weeks with the problem fixed plus a complete service report,all free of charge including shipping. How ever they fixed the tight AO ring they did it without disassembly of the scope as per the service report,so I don't know if lube would work or not. I do know that now, as before,I can turn the ring without taking my hand from the forearm of the rifle by using my thumb as I'm aiming. Numbers up front don't correspond to true yardages anyway,so I adjust the AO to a clear and focused image of my target.
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Posted By: Dale Clifford
Date Posted: February/24/2008 at 19:55
ya might try hitting it with a hair dryer for a few seconds, then working the ring, might loosen it up a bit.

Posted By: 8shots
Date Posted: February/25/2008 at 04:57
Try dropping Leupold an e-mail. They normally respond quickly.

Posted By: cyborg
Date Posted: February/25/2008 at 07:18
Oil will deteriorate the O-rings. Use the hair dryer and rotate the AO until it loosens. Use silicone to coat the scope with a protective barrier, don't use gun oil.

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Posted By: 3_tens
Date Posted: February/25/2008 at 19:51
Just get a bigger wrench and a hammer.Here%20Ye%20Here%20Ye

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Posted By: antleraddiction
Date Posted: February/25/2008 at 21:34
I have owned several Vari and VX scopes over the years and recently ridded my safe of them.  Several were new scopes mounted and put in my gun safe.......Take them out several months later and some type of oil or lube leaking down the scope from the mag. adjustment ring towards the butt end of the gun.  Dealer, "I used to buy from" said it is normal, not the answer I wanted to hear for my hard earned money.  Probably the cause for your problems if the scopes have been in storage in a vertical postition.  This also happened on a VX-L, never fired, only mounted and stored.  Only issue I ever had with a Luepold.

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