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LEO...abuse of authority???

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bugsNbows View Drop Down
Optics Jedi Master
Optics Jedi Master

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Local story here from Osceola County (Kissimmee) FL. This fellow is driving along watching a local LEO typing on the computer (in the vehicle) while driving. This citizen thinks that may be a bit dangerous, so he honks his horn at the LEO (BTW, it's a splittail of the female persuasion if that matters). Apparently she gets PO'd and pulls him over. She ends up giving him a ticket for "unlawful blowing of horn" or some such nonsense. Does that sound a bit over the top to anybody besides me? We seem to have an over-abundance of this type of LEO around here. Most are young, legends-in-their-own-mind type personalities. I've had a few "discussions" with them recently myself. Anybody care to comment?
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Optics God
Optics God

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  If I were the judge I'd laugh her out of court.   AFTER I royally chewed her AZSE out for wasteing time and money.
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stickbow46 View Drop Down
Optics Master Extraordinaire
Optics Master Extraordinaire

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Guess it qualifies as a" Do as I say,Not as I do".Wonder what her Capt. would say if he new she was braking the law?
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cyborg View Drop Down
Optics God
Optics God
God of Wind

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  It isn't unusual to see some of the younger crowd type officers with the "above the law" mentality. I have a few friends that are older LEO's and they are even concerned with the newer recruits. One said flatly that "about half of the under 30, are just no good."
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shooter07 View Drop Down
Optics Master Extraordinaire
Optics Master Extraordinaire
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It society in general. Younger generations were given/handed more without having to work for it. You see so many spoiled brats and people in their mid 20's stuck with mommy and daddy because throughout adolescence they were tied at the hip.

It's easy to see how it would transition to younger cops. They feel entitled to ignore veteran presences and push the envelope because they have the authority. It's the know it all attitude and it's asinine how widespread it's become.
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3_tens View Drop Down
Optics Jedi Knight
Optics Jedi Knight

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You can be sure the judge will defend her position. It doesnt matter is she is right or wrong.
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Sgt. D View Drop Down
Optics Master Extraordinaire
Optics Master Extraordinaire

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Headed to doc appt. in Durham awhile back. A trooper was crusin in  the left lane with a crowd a half mile back cloggin both lanes. I worked thru the mess and noticed he was on his computer and holdin around 67/68 in a 70mph zone. I had my cruise set on 70 and proceeded past him in the right lane. Sure enough, a blue light special. I pulled over wonderin what I was about to get. Sure enough, he was irate. "What the ______ were you thinkin"! I calmly responded "I noticed you were busy on the computer and runnin about 68mph so I kept it on cruise at 70. "No _____ you won't"!
I'm trying not to crack a smile and get PO'ed myself. I set there quiet for a second waiting to see what was next as he glaired with near rage in his eyes. And I'm thinking "what are you going to do, write me aticket for 71 in a 70mph? After a day long 5 or 6 seconds his expression broke and he said how about slow it down from now on. "Yes sir".
He didn't remember me from church a few yrs. earler when we were buddies on the church softball team. I asked him how his wife was doing (called her by name) and had they had anymore kids. His face flushed alittle pink and he had the perfect puzzled look. I knew him well and had always thought, I'd hate to ever be stopped by him as he was a short tempered very rigged in his thinking sort.
Fortunatly there are many LEO's out there who carry themselves professionally and do their job without be-littleing the public. The rest are responsible for causing disrespect for themselves and the good guy's.
Those of you who are professional in your duties know who you are. Those of you who find yourself in anger and contempt with traffic violations need to have more respect for yourselves, your profession and especially the public. Take lessons from the true professionals, you know the ones who are less appreciated and dumped on the most because they do their job without complaint and almost never have a citation reversed. The ones who don't let their emotions or a bad day show up in their work. If you can't do that, do everybody a favor and find a job that doesn't deal directly with people.
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BobC View Drop Down
Optics Apprentice
Optics Apprentice

Joined: January/14/2010
Location: Maine
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I'll start by saying that when I was younger I was a bit of a hell raiser especially behind the wheel of a car. Because of this I was stopped quite frequently by several different law enforcement agencies. I deserved every ticket I ever received.
When I started my present job 23 years ago I commuted 68 miles one way to work mostly on back roads. I worked second shift and traveled the same route every night at least five nights a week for ten years. I passed the same State Police officer parked in various places almost every night. I was very careful during this trip as I did not want to get into trouble going home from work. One night this officer decided he needed to stop me. He proceeded to tell me that he stopped me because it was policy to stop loan young male drivers on back roads to check for drugs. He then proceeded to have me remove everything from my car using his headlights to see by. (No small task as I had a lot of stuff in there that I was taking to my mothers to store) and when he was satisfied that I was not running drugs he proceeded to leave me there in the dark, on a back road about 2:00 in the morning with a pile of stuff to load back into my car without so much as a sorry or even a goodbye. When I asked a family friend who was a long time deputy sheriff about this "policy he said that he was not familiar with said policy and doubted it existed but that he would check it out for me. Shortly after there was a different officer patrolling that area and I never saw this particular officer again.

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Urimaginaryfrnd View Drop Down
Resident Redneck

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Law Enforcement has changed over the years. Prior to there being a big imphysis on traffic and the revenue produced by citations the local cop was typically well liked well respected and there to protect the weak and defenseless. Think Norman Rockwell painting of the cop in the ice cream shop. When the big push to write citations came and radar came into use everyone became a violator. 
The young  officers often have an attitude that needs adjustment because they have not learned people skills and we know that females and males communicate differently.
The job itself is full of frustrations like the revolving door court system which lets bad guys out before you finish the report.  The shifts create havoc with any type of family life.
Now along comes the average citizen who is convinced that they KNOW what a cop should be doing --- and goes out of their way to tell them how to do their job - is it any surprise the cop doesnt feel like they need some citizen to tell them how to do their job. So the correct way to handle it isn't to get into a dick measuring contest on the side of the road but to contact a supervisor with that agency and make your compalint to them or if it is of a serious nature have your attorney draft the complaint. The only thing that scares municipal police departments is attorneys.  Also worth mention is the FBI is the lead investigating authority in all Police official misconduct and civil rights violation offenses.   Cops should set the example some dont. Cops should be polite and helpful sometimes that doesnt work out. Cops should be professional but lets face it everyone makes mistakes and everyone has their bad days and it is a tough frustrating job and if you think the cops are hard on you civilians you have no idea how hard they are on their own people.  I cant count how many times Ive heard civilians say "I'll have your job"  sorry but you wouldnt want it  -- it
sucks more often than not and the requirements to get the job eliminate most people especially now that departments have put in place such strict PT requirements to eliminate the doughnut shop cop image.  I've worked in Law Enforcement since 1977 Ive seen the best and the worst and even I have been issued a ticket for 69 in a 55 when I was only doing 60 so dont be surprised that the system is not perfect just be glad it's not as jacked up as it is in most other countries because in other countries they will beat the snot out of you or kill you and there is no civil rights or recourse.

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